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Visitor Attraction Monitor

Revolutionizing the Visitor Attraction Monitor meant harnessing the Moffat Centre’s winning process and technical expertise to produce faster, more accessible results for all users.

Project Type

Power Platform 

‘Power Platform’ is our term for more meaty development projects. These developments go beyond covering the bases and aim to go the extra mile for users through deeper functionality or innovation.

Scottish Visitor Attraction Monitor

Revolutionizing the most comprehensive and up-to-date data on Scottish visitor attractions.

The Moffat Centre’s Visitor Attraction Monitor is well respected as the leading source of visitor attraction insight in Scotland. Our work with The Moffat Centre started as a result of their continued ambition to improve the delivery of their insight to their varied audiences (attractions, councils, government bodies, etc.).

By way of digital transformation, the Visitor Attraction Monitor Online was created. For The Moffat Centre, this means more efficient and robust capture and analysis of data through automation. A platform that provides ongoing tailored insights to the full range of The Moffat Centre’s audiences. Up-to-date insights and visualizations allow for quicker, informed decision making by all.

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