The Cost of Web Design
in Scotland

What’s the cost of web design in Scotland?



In this guide, we’ll explore affordable web design options, what influences website prices, and how much web designers charge.



By the end of this article you’ll have a good idea of the budget/quality balance you need for your website.

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1) The Cost of Web Design

Swing a cat on any main street in Scotland and you’ll probably hit at least two “web designers” willing to give you a quote for a website. This makes finding trustworthy information and providers tricky.



Website costs can vary greatly due to two decision pillars: it’s purpose and desired outcomes. These factors determine the features, functionality, size of the project and required expertise.


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2) Affordable Web Design in Scotland

Everyone likes good value – nobody likes being stitched up!



There’s always an affordable option for web design. If you’re just starting or have a limited budget, you don’t have to break the bank to get online.



These affordable options can range from DIY tools that can get you through the first year of business, to pre-designed templates customized to fit your brand or even content management systems that allow you to manage your site easily.



As a rule of thumb, these are some price ranges you’ll expect to see on the affordable end of web development (not our prices):



Simple Website (Personal/Hobby) £400-£800

Business Website: £500-£1,000

E-Commerce Website: £1,500-£2,500



We advise caution spending less than this as the time, expertise and/or tailoring may not justify the cost over a DIY website. While spending more can often add value, we don’t recommend it for early-stage businesses. For established businesses, any costs over this should be clearly associated with additional requirements associated with the two pillars mentioned earlier.



One of the best ways to find budget-friendly web design services is by doing some research and comparing quotes from different providers. By doing so, you’ll gain a better understanding of the average cost of a website in Scotland and identify the best value for your investment.

Pro Tip

When looking for quotes, we recommend avoiding Fivver and the likes. Best ideally to receive quotes from suppliers a trusted member of your network recommends or a registered agency.

3) Factors that Influence Web Design Costs

To break down website costs we need to break down your needs and intended outcomes. Put simply, the complexity of your website is a primary determinant.


If all you need is for your website to provide a credibility and information to encourage enquiries, this can be done with little complexity. Therefore, the cost remains low.


It’s increasingly common that you want your website to be an asset for your business. You want it to drive revenue through sales, reduce costs through automation and integration with other systems and tools your business uses. As this takes more time and expertise the costs naturally increase.


Many of these additions on the revenue generation side quickly show their return on investment (ROI). When considering cost/time savings, we always recommend you have a good sense of the costs and timescales involved in your current processes so you can weigh up how worthwhile the investment into integration/automation is.

Pro Tip

We highlighted the minimum price thresholds above because we believe all websites should have solid and up-to-date security, mobile friendliness, and SEO.

4) How Much Do Web Designers Charge Per Hour in Scotland?

In Scotland, the hourly rate for web designers’ typically ranges from £50 to £100. It’s easy (and often true) to say you get what you pay for here. Saying that, your priority should be on receiving sample works from the web designer and taking time to assess the relationship “fit”.


When considering work that is rate-based, it makes it even more important to have a good idea of the time and work required from them. If this needs scoped with their support, make sure to be clear on this.  

5) Beyond the Initial Cost: The Importance of Ongoing Maintenance

Websites require regular maintenance and updates to stay secure, functional, and optimized. To avoid surprises, it’s often best to make sure your web developer offers ongoing support packages. This provides you with a commitment to the ongoing success of your website as well as peace of mind.


Strong maintenance and hosting are painfully undervalued by most businesses. Thinking a website is complete once it is launched is a common mistake. Where many businesses see the greatest returns from their website is when it is maintained and improved over time to better serve its users.

Pro Tip

We recommend avoiding hosting providers like GoDaddy and Ionos. Their pricing and service are based on quantity over quality and this often shows in website performance as well as quality of service.

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The Price of Your Dream Website

This is why the Cost of web design in Glasgow can vary significantly. While effective planning and larger budgets will both often get you better results, there are affordable options that can work. Keeping in mind that the hourly rates of web designers in Scotland range from £50 to £100, the best value comes from making the most of their time and recognising a developer that has a clear understanding and positive relationship fit with you.



Ultimately, looking at the big picture and long-term value generation, almost all roads tend to lead to using professional web designers for your dream website. Viable alternatives and cheaper options can be successful when budgets are limited. So long as you know what you need it to do and the outcomes you want it to achieve.



Well folks, through this article you have navigated the priorities and costs of website design prices in Scotland, seen how affordable options can align with your budget. You have seen how complexity and needs shape the cost of web design in Scotland, understood the hourly rates of web designers. With this information we hope we have imparted a valuable perspective and useful knowledge for you to decide what you need and how you’re going to get it.



The very best of luck!