Project Work

Ngage Technology’s project work is developed exclusively in the UK and deployed globally. Here’s some recent website, database and custom integration work.

Staying Secure & Connected

Advanced Licence Management Project

Bespoke license management delivered at an international scale.


N.J Slee

Showcasing Quality

Brochure Website Work

Website built to showcase quality welding and craftsmanship trusted by the biggest and best. 

Membership Engagement

Customer Relationship Management Project

Website & CRM development connecting and protecting teams and their data.

Dates n Mates


Website, E-Learning & Recruitment

E-Learning Platform

Supporting worldwide quantum training, recruitment and business services.

Innovative By Tradition

E-Commerce Project

E-commerce website development and supporting a breakaway scottish talent.

Flux Solutions

Popup Spot

Buying & Selling

Website & Letting Platform Project

Website and marketplace connecting emerging businesses with prime commercial short term lets.

Smart Installation Management

Website & Installation Management Project

Providing real-time data on 3rd party and client product installations across the UK around the clock.


About our project work

As you can see, our web development work is tailored to meet each challenge. There’s no “rinse and repeat” here.

As your challenges, goals and intended outcomes come into focus, approaches and execution will evolve.

Therefore every piece of project web development work is approached differently.

To do this, we draw on experienceand expertise gathered over the years.

For our team, the job is to make this process smooth, timely and purposeful.

This is where the process and people we have at Ngage Technology shines through. Ultimately made measurable by the successes and progress of our clients.

By now you’ve seen our work, click here if you would like to know more about our team.