Making Your Business Website a Success

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Making Your Business Website a Success

It’s true what they say. Having a website is a watershed moment for businesses. Done right, it makes a profound and properly tangible impact.

This is your 5 minute guide to the essentials for business website success.

Core Benefits Every Website Should Deliver

Regardless of product, service or mission, your business website is an immensely powerful tool. There are a handful of core benefits every business website needs for success. So let’s start with those:


This is massive. Absolutely crucial. Cannot stress this enough.

Your website is most often what sets you apart. Anyone with an index finger can set up a social media account. Similarly, anyone with spare money in their pocket can order some business cards. A quality website is a different story.

A good looking, well-functioning website takes focus, attention to detail and a good understanding of your target audience. When you get these right, your business is set apart from the ‘drag and drop’ websites and would be imitators.

As a result, a well polished, professional website builds trust with your audience by presenting the relevant information well. It shows them you know what you’re doing. That’s the very minimum needed for your business (and website) to be a success.

Brand Recognition

Closely related to credibility, brand recognition is about awareness and perception. Having a website helps gain exposure for your business and create the right impression for your audience(s).

Not going to dive into brand mechanics too much here (we will do in future). The essentials are that your branding is clear, consistent and coherent. Being clear in what your brand stands for. Consistent in how it communicates. Coherence is about feeling complete or whole – ensuring there aren’t gaps or ‘loose ends’. These are what make your brand uniquely identifiable to the outside world – whether they are looking at your website, your business card or your offerings. It’s more than just a logo so use your website to showcase what your business is all about.

A Source of Engagement

Your website is also an opportunity for interested or like-minded parties to get in touch. As mentioned earlier, people who have an interest in your business can get in touch at any time from anywhere.

Websites are powerful because they can tie together all of your channels. This is so crucial yet often ignored or underestimated. This makes your life and work considerably easier. Whether it’s via e-mail, phone, social media, chatbots (etc.), websites are the keystone that holds your digital touch points together. When done with care and attention this really makes your business stand out.

Reach New Audiences

It’s right there in front of you… and over a billion others. First of all, websites are the most accessible touch-points your business can have. It’s there 24/7 for anyone to see, browse, get familiar with your business and it’s offerings – even get in touch with you directly at any time from anywhere. Consequently, this means greater exposure and more opportunity.

When you have a website, you don’t have to be reliant on being ‘in the right place at the right time’. Also, you’re not dependent on constantly updating your status and adding new content every few hours.

It’s also important to note as you read that you’re not expected to have all the answers. As long as you ask these questions you’ll be able to find the right people and resources that want to help.

Making Your Website Useful

We’ve touched on the headline benefits of having a good business website can provide, but how do you make your website a success for your business?

We mention in a one of our other articles (check out blue text to the right) that answering three key questions will save a lot of time and hassle down the line. It starts right now. If you haven’t checked out the article, now may be a good time but not essential.

Making your website as valuable as possible to your business means keeping focused on your purpose. Every time you think of adding an extra button, that extra line of text, or even a change of colour, ask yourself if doing it is really going to help you achieve your purpose.

It’s not about being restrictive, it’s about focusing your efforts to make sure you get results. A focused website outperforms a ‘jack of all trades’ website hands down every time in our experience. So if you’re going to change an image, do it because it draws the viewer’s eyes to the button that helps your visitor get what they want. If you’re going to change a colour, do it because it makes an important bit of info stand out.

If you haven’t already, it’s worth checking out our post about ‘3 Things You Should Know Before Getting A Website’ – even if you already have one. You can find it here.

Your thoughts…

The aim of our blog is to share our experience and advice in the hope it saves you time, hassle and money. We’re keen to hear your ideas for future posts so if you have any questions or requests please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Thank you!

At Ngage, we’ve had the pleasure of developing websites for amazing organisations and entrepreneurs from around the world. From clean, simplistic landing pages for aspiring start-ups to a ‘first of its kind’ tourism data platform for one of the most respected tourism data research organisations in Europe. So what have we learnt so far? More importantly, how can we use it to help you?

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