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App Essentials Mini Series Blog

App Essentials Mini-Series

It’s a dilemma. You want to make an app but you’re not an app developer.

App Essentials is a mini-series designed to give you the guidance and support you need.

Who would have thought it. The process of making an app is quite quirky and often not how people imagine. It’s creative, fun, at times quite hectic and massively rewarding.

Welcome to the App Essentials is a mini-series. Providing the information, asking the questions and helping you steer your ship towards a successful app build and ongoing success. If you haven’t been part of an app build in a while – or never at all – this is the mini-series for you.

This article is an overview of the topics the mini-series will be covering. It’s been arranged in an order we believe will be most useful but the articles do stand alone in their own right so feel free to go where you feel is most relevant given your situation.

As always, we’ve included some tips on the side like this for extra insight.

Thinking of making an app?

This article outlines the essential steps to consider when contemplating an app build. We’ve  assembled a hit list of tips and thoughts that will help save you time, hassle and likely a fairly significant amount of money. These are things to think about and plan as early in the process as possible.

Time and cost of building an app

This article does what it says on the tin. Straight-talking breakdowns and guidance to help you plan, make decisions and implement. This will also help you prioritize and set up a road map for the future of your app.

Meeting an app developer

Here we make sure you’re prepped and ready to make the most of any meeting with a potential developer. Questions, information and materials you’ll have ready to make sure you’re set for success.

Preparing Your Project for Success

This article is where the time and effort you have been putting in up to this point really starts paying off. Knowing your market, what the users want, your business model and the technical challenges and opportunities based on your budget and timeline. They all meet up and the rubber is about to hit the road. You’re about to start your app build.

Post-launch app costs

Not something people tend to think about until it’s too late. That’s exactly why we break down some of the most influential factors here. How much to expect to pay and how you can manage these costs while maintaining the successful growth and evolution of your app.

Your thoughts…

The aim of our blog is to share our experience and advice in the hope it saves you time, hassle and money. We’re keen to hear your ideas for future posts so if you have any questions or requests please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Thank you!

At Ngage, we’ve had the pleasure of developing apps for amazing organisations and entrepreneurs from around the world. From prototypes for aspiring start-ups seeking user validation to an enterprise app being gathering input for international projects spanning continents. So what have we learnt so far? More importantly, how can we use it to help you?

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