The Ngage Technology Team

It's more than just our skills, knowledge and desire. Good teamwork is about being dynamic and well balanced. Above all, the Ngage Technology team are united by our seam-bursting passion for creating engaging digital experiences.

Think smart

keep simple,

make seamless.

In everything Ngage Technology do, we believe in thinking smart, keeping simple and making seamless for it’s users. Moreover, for the Ngage Technology team it’s about going the extra mile. That means understanding you, your business and your customers. This allows us all to provide engaging total experience that hits the mark.

We get to work with a variety of exciting businesses. All different sizes, challenges, goals and ambitions. With this variety comes our consistent philosophy and work ethic.

What We Do
  • Web Design
    • E-Commerce
    • Membership Platforms
    • Reporting Platforms
  • App Development
    • Social
    • Booking / Ordering
    • Education
    • Games
  • Website & App Hosting
  • Digital Planning & Consulting

The Ngage Technology team aren’t alone. For instance we’re always looking to collaborate and recommend good teams.

Similarly if you’re skills are complimentary, we’re always happy to connect.

  • Social Media
  • Graphic Design
  • Video / Animation
  • Copywriting
Joining the team...

Internships & Job Opportunities

Growing and improving as Ngage Technology and individuals is all about welcoming new perspectives, skillsets and passions. In other words, whether you are an established professional or looking for experience, we are happy to hear from you. Most importantly, working on a variety of new and interesting projects. That means there's always need for a variety of skills and new perspectives. So don't be shy.

We're about to be hiring! (Spring 2022)

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Hiring Soon

Marketing Assistant

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Hiring Soon

Junior Software Developer


We love making websites because there’s nothing more rewarding than helping your business get the exposure and success you deserve.

Above all, your website is at the heart to of your online presence. It’s where everything pulls back to. Therefore it’s a crucial opportunity to stand out by giving your audiences an experience that stands out.


Apps are awesome. Firstly no two apps are ever truly the same. Secondly, using our experience, skills and energy to build a new app is always exciting and unique.

Your proposition should be accessible – ideally even part of people’s routines. A ‘go to’ for it’s users. Apps make this more achievable. After that, they help you deliver value and become part of your audiences routine.

Smart Concierge

Smart Concierge, allows accommodations and attractions to offer 5* service at a 3* cost by providing guests with their own personal on-demand concierge service.

Fast-track service delivery and experience management by allowing your guests to make the most of their stay at the touch of a button. All from the convenience and familiarity of their own devices.

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